Rebuilding the Greenstar Foyer with Black Locust

The care, distribution, and use of natural resources impact a community and its people. BLI is pleased to be working with the Greenstar Coop Market in downtown Ithaca, providing sustainably harvested lumber (locust and catalpa) for the construction of railings and benches for the remodeling of the market's entrance area. This cooperation reflects the consistency of our forestry policies with the agricultural policies pursued by Greenstar. (focus on local quality products, consumer preference for sustainability.) The lumber will be sawed from a BLI-managed locust stand at the Arnot Teaching and Research Forest during a teaching event, the week of February 19th, 2001. Accounting for the project will be kept in red, black, and green, to value the ecosystem and social benefits of local production, niche marketing, and community interaction.


Current Foyer



Architect's foyer design.