Previous Events

Starts: 10-May-2001
Ends: 11-May-2001
Time(s): 9AM-2PM both days-(raindate May 17-18)
Where: Hart's Woods
What: Community Participatory Forestry Event- Focusing on Chestnut
Ages: 100 Boynton Middle School-7th graders each day
Description: The workshop will have a chestnut focus; last year the group harvested a dead chestnut log. This year we will be replanting an improved chestnut, evaluating the site and constructing a magazine rack for Boynton Library. A portable mill will be on site to saw material. See how a draft horse is able to extract timber with minimal environmental impact. Of course there will be a wood crafting frenzy...Won't you help excite middle school students about forestry? If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Dave Gell at 387-6750. He would like to start orientation for volunteers this Sunday and next. So, please contact him ASAP. Thanks for considering this opportunity!
Contact: Dave Gell 387-6750

Starts: 01-Jan-2002
Ends: 03-Jan-2002
Time(s): test
Description: test
Contact: 387-6750