Excerpts from EPA Pesticide Fact Sheet

Name of Chemical: Chromated and Non-Chromated arsenicals

Reason for Issuance: Registration Standard (Wood Preservative Uses)

Date Issued: 9/11/86

Chronic Toxicity

"The inhalation risk from exposure to arsenic in wood treatment plants has been estimated at 4.1 X 10-3. Regulatory measures (i.e., respirators, protective clothing, and closed systems) which are required for workers in wood treatment plants, will reduce risks to 10-4 - 10-5. This risk level is outweighed by the benefits of arsenical wood preservatives".

"The oncogenic risks from dermal exposure are uncertain. The risk models are undergoing Agency review".

"It is possible to estimate potential inhalation exposure of wood treatment workers to chromium based on the ratio of chromium to arsenic in formulated products. This ratio has been calculated to be .9 or approximately 1:1. Therefore the risks from inhalation exposure to chromium approximate those from arsenic. In situations where exposure to both chromium and arsenic occurs concurrently, the risks are doubled. However, these risks are still outweighed by the high benefits of chromated arsenical wood preservatives."

Excerpts from OSHA

"OSHA has clearly established that many industrial and environmental chemicals can lead to the development of cancers. Some chemicals have been proven so toxic that exposure to even the smallest amounts have been associated with that possibility."

Both chromium and arsenic compounds (which are both ingredients in commercial wood preservatives), have been linked with cancer.

-from The Consumer’s Guide to Poison Protection by Harold M. Silverman. New York, NY: Avon, c 1984. p. 10